Car Auto Parts Supplier Malaysia

-Silent fit
High elasticity double steel sheet ensures uniform force, reduces vibration, and makes scraping and testing cleaner

-High quality adhesive strip
Pure natural silicone has strong flexibility and wear resistance, making it more silent and durable during scraping

-Air deflector
Aerodynamic design deflector to increase wiper

More Details...

  • U-shaped interface, suitable for 100% U-shaped rocker arm on the market, easy to in stall
  • Natural grade a rubber strip, specially made of natural rubber, with excellent flexibility
  • SKS steel sheet with strong elasticity makes the wiper and glass surface integrated
  • It adopts rubber and plastic, and the product will not deform and change color

More Details...

- Mute and durable

- Perfect fit

- Suitable for 99% of vehicle models

- Quality Assurance